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About us

Spec Systems is a sales agency representing manufacturers of specialty architectural products in the Western United States and Canada. We serve architects and contractors on commercial and industrial projects throughout Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, and British Columbia.


Specializing in acoustical and environmentally friendly products that use built-to-last materials, we're here to help you create beautiful, timeless spaces. At Spec Systems, you’ll find a partner committed to your vision and a soundboard for your ideas.

Our Team


Rachel Wakefield

Spec Systems is led by Rachel, an expert in architectural products for over five years. With a fine-tuned eye for materials and a big-picture mindset, she provides several solutions to every problem. She gained an appreciation for architecture and acoustics while studying art history in graduate school—the way a cathedral’s attention to light and sound enable its functions with “live” acoustics and stained glass windows. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Rachel enjoys Pilates and tango dancing.


Tara Miller

Based in Alaska, Tara is adept at collaborating with local designers and builders to form lasting relationships. As a part of the ever-shifting Alaskan landscape for over a decade, she is proud to offer products that reflect the unique natural environment of this majestic state. Tara enjoys everything that Alaska has to offer—fishing, skiing, and hiking with her husband and two dogs.

Our Team
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We represent our industry's highest-caliber manufacturers

Our manufacturers are known for their high-quality, environmentally friendly products. Using recyclable and naturally occurring materials, products are manufactured with energy efficiency and clean air in mind. And the best materials can also help you accrue environmental credits, such as LEED certification.


We're proud to represent top-tier manufacturers who use state of the art materials.



ALPRO® Acoustical Systems

ALPRO Acoustical Systems sets the standard for effective noise reduction solutions that are attractive, economical, and suitable for any environment. Their comprehensive line of acoustical products is manufactured from perforated metals that are formed to create high-performance systems with premium aesthetics.


CARVART specializes in architectural glass products and hardware systems with refined aesthetics backed by functionality. By combining precise engineering, outstanding design, and exceptional service over a variety of systems and applications, CARVART is a leader in the glass industry.


Conwed Designscape

Conwed Designscape is a leader in custom-designed acoustics for large venues. Whether you need an acoustic design that blends in or one that adds visual flair through color and style, they have the manufacturing skills to make your vision a reality.


Fellert North America

Fellert is all about innovative solutions for ceilings and walls. Their unique acoustical plaster leads the market in terms of sound absorption, versatility, and environmental sustainability, not to mention ease of repair and budget friendliness. It is the only acoustical plaster with customizable finishes, eliminating unnecessary design compromises. Made in Sweden, available everywhere.


Gordon® Incorporated

Gordon, Inc. specializes in sustainable architectural metal products for interior and exterior applications. Product applications include specialty metal ceilings and wall systems, column covers, and many other architectural specialty products.

Kaynemaile® Architectural Mesh

Unlimited design potential paired with exceptional performance make Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh™ the ideal choice for building exteriors, interior screening and utility enclosures. Kaynemaile is a modern chain mail fabric consisting of polycarbonate interlinked rings formed seamlessly together to form a strong yet highly flexible mesh sheet. Its light weight, unlimited panel size, fire resistance and high airflow make this mesh versatile for a wide range of design applications.



Linea is a manufacturer of ceiling and wall systems out of British Columbia. They specialize in wood and wood veneer acoustical panels, tiles, and grilles for commercial applications.


MBI™ Products Co.

MBI has been at the forefront of acoustic innovation for over 50 years. MBI acoustical products provide a practical, decorative solution to noise control for all types of buildings, from large facilities like convention centers to smaller facilities such as recording studios and restaurants.

Parklex Prodema

Parklex Prodema Natural Wood Beauty provides the world of architecture with unique materials that help you design warm, beautiful spaces. With the elegance of natural wood, you can create energy-efficient buildings that contribute to LEED credits.

Armstrong®'s TECTUM Inc.

Toughness and acoustics are at the heart of TECTUM interior products, which are ideally suited to open spaces and high-traffic, high-impact areas. With custom TECTUM products, the possibilities are endless, the look is one of a kind, and the acoustic properties help quiet any space.


Constructed from finely spun glass yarn, Vitrulan offers a variety of strong, high-performance wall coverings with an easy-to-clean surface that discourages microbe accumulation. Vitrulan products come in a variety of customizable designs and can be painted and repainted as necessary.

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