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Westfield Carousel Parking Garage


Location: Perth, Australia

Featured Products: Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh™ Bronze


Westfield Carousel is an Australian shopping center in Perth. Kaynemaile® worked to develop the exterior facade of the multi-level parking garage. The three-dimensional design is made up of a series of projecting pyramids that are stretched across a steel sub-frame. The design covers all four sides of the large parking garage building with a total surface area of over 2000 square feet. The framing was installed first, then Kaynemaile was applied to each rectangular frame. Installation was fast, given the scale of the job, thanks to the simple fixing systems.


The Bronze Kaynemaile mesh was an ideal choice for this project as it glistens in the sun creating a dynamic, shimmering effect. The three-dimensional design and the shimmering color are effective in breaking up the very long horizontal facade of the building.


As Western Australia has a subtropical climate, using a material that cuts heat but maintains airflow was crucial for the project. Kaynemaile significantly reduces both radiant heat through direct sunlight (EMR) and thermal conductive heat from entering the interior of a building by up to 70%. This gives you the ability to let daylight in and manage the passive solar gain—all while maintaining visual transparency.

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