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Location: Bellevue, Washington

Featured Product: Parasoleil Laser-Cut Architectural Metal Panels


Parasoleil makes this Starbucks unique. Their team of designers used their laser-cut architectural metal panels as both an exterior cladding for the building, and a screen to surround the drive-through area. Parasoleil can add visual interest and context to any project.


The design featured on these panels, called "Kenyan," was inspired by a trip to East Africa that Parasoleil founder, artist Uriah Bueller, took with his family. This design is just one in a lineup of 50+ laser-cut patterns Parasoleil has on offer. Plus, Parasoleil has an award-winning online tool, the Cortivale Package, which designers can use to scale their favorite patterns, manipulate where they appear on the metal base panel, and review the revised look with their team.


Parasoleil's panels and turn-key structures are fabricated from the highest quality aluminum, steel, and copper. A variety of finishes and powder coating options are available. Both panels and hardware meet the highest safety standards on the market, and are engineered to withstand wind and snow loads.

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